We examined the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds this time in 2015, we stated that it had a lot to provide regardless of the premium cost point. The sound cancellation was best-in-class while the sound quality was on par with the very best out there. Enter this year’s Bose QuietComfort Earbuds 2, which from a visual viewpoint, looks so various from its predecessor. Does it surpass a currently strong gadget? Let’s learn.

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Design and Construction

The Bose QuietComfort Earbuds 2 is much smaller sized in every method from the very first edition of the earbuds. That’s not stating a lot though as the very first QC earbuds were larger than anything in the market. I thoroughly utilized the very first edition throughout in 2015 and the size was never ever a problem for me. The smaller sized size of the Bose QC2 is a welcome addition to this year’s release, both the case and the earbuds themselves are around half the size of its predecessor.

What hasn’t altered though is the strong building and construction of the entire plan. The case feels extremely strong and would make it through being both in your pocket or shaking around inside a bag. The earbuds themselves are smaller sized however once again, simply feels sturdily developed. They are a bit larger than your routine earbuds however it offers you a complacency that these buds simply look so well developed.

The QuietComfort 2’s have among the very best fits that I have actually attempted from earbuds. They feature silicone stability bands in 3 sizes, little, medium, and big that twist around the body of each earbud that permits the earbuds to fit safely in your ear. Aside from that you get the typical various sizes of ear suggestions that would fit your choice.

The Bose Quietcomfort Earbuds 2 can be found in 2 various colors, Triple Black or Soapstone. We hope that Bose will launch more colorways in the future similar to the very first QC’s which can be found in a range of various colors.


Among the most crucial consider picking earbuds is the convenience they manage the user. The QC2’s I can favorably state get a huge plus in this classification. The smaller sized size actually makes a distinction here and the bands likewise assist protect that fit.

I evaluated the QuietComfort earbuds on a long journey and it never ever specified that I needed to rest my ears. Compared to the very first variation, I needed to take those out every as soon as in a while when I’d be on a long plane or vehicle trip as they began to get unpleasant after a couple of hours. Perhaps it’s the smaller sized size of the earbuds that don’t tiredness my ears as much.

I never ever really had a problem with the earbuds falling out of my ear. I utilized to stroll and jog and I constantly felt that the earbuds were protected no matter what workout I was doing. I utilize the tiniest ear suggestions as my ears are a bit smaller sized than typical and I never ever had difficulty discovering the best fit in my ear.

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Sound Quality

Like my previous beliefs, you anticipate a various level of sound quality when it originates from a business such as Bose. Provided the premium cost you are spending for, there needs to be a specific requirement when it concerns sound quality. Right off the bat, the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds 2 are not the very best sounding earbuds you can purchase this cost point, there are other brand names that do sound quality much better, however they aren’t bad also.

When you initially placed on the QC2’s the earbuds will send out a brief test signal to compute and change the noise to your ears. It’s a really cool function initially, however in practice, I don’t actually see the distinction versus simply using the earbuds. There’s more of a distinction in changing the EQ settings in the Bose Music App. The Bose QuietComfort 2 sounds comparable to its predecessor, strong treble and vocals and simply a good sufficient quantity of bass. If you are a bass-head then you are certainly going to be trying to find a bit more even with the bass increase predetermined on in this gadget. Listening to a mix of various categories yielded comparable outcomes for me. Elton John and Dua Lipa’s Cold Heart produced the complete series of noise you would wish to speak with the tune without the bass subduing whatever else. It was a satisfying listening experience for me. Listening to The Weeknd’s brand-new tune Best Friends left me desiring for a bit more bass as the electrical nature of the tune naturally pulls the bass back a bit so you would wish to utilize the bass increase function in a tune like this to genuinely immerse yourself. Enjoying media utilizing the QC2 is a various story though, I significantly took pleasure in enjoying all sorts of material on this gadget. Enjoying Top Gun: Maverick developed the sort of surround sound experience I was trying to find. The noise of airplanes flying past you can plainly be acknowledged while discussion is clear utilizing the earbuds.

For enjoyable, I utilized the earbuds to play a number of video games of Call of Duty: Warzone from my PC. Remarkably I didn’t have any problems when it concerned sound hold-up on the gadget. Whatever appeared fine from my experience, considered that both the QC2 and my PC have Bluetooth 5.3. Finally, call quality was clear even in locations where there was a great deal of ambient sound. I evaluated the QC2 in a shopping mall with a great deal of sound around me and the individual I was speaking to on the other end might plainly hear me. Utilizing the earbuds on Discord likewise yielded comparable outcomes albeit they required to improve my volume a bit in order to hear me plainly.

Battery Life

Bose declares that the QC2’s would last for as much as 6 hours with ANC on and I hardly arrived throughout my tests. I evaluated 5 hours and 46 minutes with the ANC on and volume at 75%. You can get up to 3 complete charges utilizing the case though so that’s sufficient for my usage. Unfortunately, cordless charging still isn’t offered with the QC2, which is something individuals may grumble about provided the cost of the gadget.

The Bose Quietcomfort 2’s likewise include quick charging which permits the gadget to get up to 2 hours of playback with simply a 20 minute charge.

Noise Cancellation

I needed to produce this classification to highlight the one function that Bose has more than any other brand name or earbud out there: Noise Cancellation. Without a doubt the Bose has the very best ANC in the market complete stop. If you are choosing earbuds for ANC then the Bose is the very best you can get. The world simply vanishes when utilizing this gadget and it’s not something you would wish to be using if you are strolling down the roadway or on a bike, you wouldn’t hear anything that’s coming. I offer props to Bose for having the ability to surpass a currently fantastic ANC item in the very first version of the earbuds. I utilized the very first variation in a current journey to the United States and it was a blessing in a loud plane with even noisier individuals. The QC2’s simply take it to the next level, I want I had these on my current journey.

The QC2’s would’ve made me forget my environments or things occurring around me with how excellent the ANC is on this gadget. This makes enjoying or listening to anything while you are someplace more immersive as it simply draws you into your own world. For individuals who require to listen to the world around them however, the mindful mode of the gadget provides in spades. For the very first time in a set of earbuds, I don’t feel as if the ambient sound mode sounds synthetic. Bose has actually made an item that makes it look like you aren’t using anything and simply hearing the natural sound around you with the QuietComfort 2.


The Bose QuietComfort Earbuds 2 is merely the very best earbud out there if you are trying to find Noise Cancellation. If that’s number 1, then you don’t need to look in other places. However if you’re trying to find the very best sound quality then you have other options out there. For me though, I’d put the Bose QuietComfort 2 on top today of premium earbuds as the mix of strong noise and the fantastic ANC actually puts it over the top. I can cope with its sound signature as the Bose Music App permits me to tailor the noise to fit my requirements (as I’m very little of a basshead) and the brand-new kind aspect of the case and the fantastic develop quality of the earbuds themselves actually has me offered on the gadget.

I enjoy strong, advanced, and futuristic looking things like the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds 2 and in a market where most earbuds appear like each other (ahem, stems), I’d like to stick out. So inspect it out and attempt the QC2’s yourself, Bose even has their own demonstration in particular shops for clients to experience how fantastic the ANC is on this gadget. The Bose QuietComfort 2 is priced at PHP 19,500 and is offered at Bose shops across the country.